Members Statement: Hobsons Bay Community Fund

Mr NOONAN (Williamstown) (10:00:50) — I rise to acknowledge the significant support that the Hobsons Bay Community Fund has granted to so many local community organisations. The fund is a perpetual philanthropic fund established in 2006 to strengthen social inclusion in the community. The fund relies on contributions from local businesses, organisations and individuals, both in cash and in kind. Importantly, every single dollar raised is returned and reinvested back into the community.

The types of organisations that benefit from the fund are diverse, ranging from welfare and housing groups, arts, sport, health and environmental groups, amongst many others. Over 11 years the fund has provided more than $200 000 to about 70 grant recipients, including 11 in 2017. This year the fund’s donations included $4000 to Emma McLean kindergarten to support them in opening up their existing outdoor education program to the wider community; $5000 to West Welcome Wagon to provide essential supplies to asylum seekers in the community; and $5000 towards the program Reaching across the Ages run by the Williamstown Community and Education Centre, which will facilitate mature-aged volunteers meeting and reading stories with children in child care.

I would like to thank the hardworking committee members, including the chair, Hayden Raysmith, Cr Peter Hemphill, Liam Cummins, Kerri Pyne, Helen McVay, David Mattner, Adrian Butera, Katherine Baron-Ancliffe, Craig Eyes, Vedran Drakulic, Ashley Thompson and John Clarke. Through the fund’s great work Hobsons Bay will continue to be a place of social inclusion.