Members Statement: Ambulance Services

Mr NOONAN (Williamstown) (15:50:41) — Today I rise to commend Ambulance Victoria for the life-saving work they do and the Andrews Labor government for investing in the ambulance service and improving code 1 response times. We all know that paramedics save lives; however, their ability to do this is impacted by the support they receive from the government. Under the previous Liberal government too many ambulances were unable to respond to code 1 emergencies within the critical 15-minute response time, subjecting too many families to tragedies that could have been avoided had our paramedics received the support they needed. The Andrews government has had the responsibility of rebuilding Victoria’s ambulance service after four years of the Liberal Party’s neglect and its war on our paramedics.

Our $500 million plan to improve ambulance response times, employ 450 more paramedics, buy new vehicles and build more stations is working. I am proud that today in Hobsons Bay 85.5 per cent of ambulances arrive in less than 15 minutes, while in Maribyrnong 88.3 per cent of ambulances arrive in 15 minutes. That is in line with the performance across the state. In Maribyrnong the average wait time for an ambulance is 57 seconds less than it was under the previous Liberal government, while the wait in Hobsons Bay is now 70 seconds less on average — and during life-threatening emergencies every minute matters. That is why we are so proud on our side, as the Andrews Labor government, to be undoing the damage caused by the previous Liberal government.