Port Phillip Woollen Mills site

Over the past few years, local residents of Williamstown have been campaigning against the development of a series of high rise properties on the Port Phillip Woollen Mills site at the end of Nelson’s Place.

On the 24 February 2015, the Hobsons Bay City Council voted unanimously to approve the Planning Scheme Amendments which would limit any development on the Woollen Mills site to 25 metres. This was the original recommendation by the Port Phillip Woollen Mill Advisory Committee Report.

The Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, has now approved the planning scheme amendment keeping any development to a maximum of 25 metres over 60% of the area. The planning scheme also introduces a development contributions plan overlay for new local infrastructure and requires a coastal hazard vulnerability assessment.

This is a victory for common sense in Williamstown as well as the wider Williamstown community who have fought hard for this outcome.